Custom built computers, Custom Software Development, Website Development and Maintenance, Service Contracts, Prices

Custom Built Computers

I have always built my own computers, and the results are conclusive -- their longevity and performance far exceed those sold in retail stores. I use only high quality parts, careful construction, and plenty of margin with things like power supplies and cpu and memory clock speeds. When your business and personal data is at stake, the extra cost pays for itself many times over. I can do the same for you.

Custom Software Development

I can do custom software development on Windows or Linux, in C, C++, C#, and SQL. Development would be priced on an overall project basis.

Website Development and Maintenance

I can do some website development. I am fairly new to developing websites from scratch, but learning fast, e.g. this website, and I can certainly do maintenance on any website. An example of one website I maintain regularly can be seen here:

Service Contracts

I am happy to consider a maintenance or service contract for any of my services. Such a contract would give you priority status during on-call hours, and the convenience of regular monthly billing.


Prices are reasonable: labor, parts and travel. Estimates will always be given at no cost. No cost will be incurred without your prior consent, and if for any reason I am unable to resolve your issue, you will not pay a dime. All the risk is on me.